Lunes, Marso 10, 2014

Benefits of Epilation Vs. Shaving

Epilator Reviews
If you are using a razor for epilation, then you know how frustrating it is to use the razor almost on a daily basis. Besides, the razor will cause all sorts of irritations, redness and bumps onto the skin which are not aesthetic at all. Now, if you will use an Epilator all these problems will go way, So what are the advantages of an epilation system versus the traditional wax, epilating cream or razor?

Epilator Reviews
- With one single stroke, an epilator can remove up to 90% of unwanted hair 
- The epilator actually removes hairs from its roots, and it does not “cut” the hair 
- The tweezers are positioned optionally, so that you can remove comfortably all unwanted hairs from the surface of the skin 
- Even the greatest majority of Epilator reviews talk about how beneficial this method is 
- When you use an epilator, the hairs will grow back smooth, so that your next epilation is even faster and more efficient. The more you use the epilator, the less hair will grow back

Epilator Reviews
- Many modern epilators allow you to use them conveniently in the shower. Just make sure to look for wet & dry Spa epilation systems. These can be used cordlessly so that you can get maximum freedom of movement 
- Many Braun epilation systems feature the Hair Lift patented system which will remove even the shortest and finest hairs (the hairs that even waxing cannot remove!) 
- Flat lying hairs are removed gently, and pain is reduced either with the help of a special massage epilation head or a gel bag that you need to rub on your skin before epilation to get that cool sensation.

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